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  • Selling in a Buyers Market

    Wednesday, February 24, 2016   /   by Paul Alsides (rhymes w/Adidas)

    Selling in a Buyers Market


    Happy Wednesday! Hopefully spring weather is just around the corner this year. We know that some of our home searchers are looking to sell their home before they commit to buying their new home. Maybe you have listed before and have struggled with selling. Or have you heard that you should wait to sell because it’s a buyer’s market? Well, where ever your ‘seller’s apprehension’ is stemming from we encourage you to check out this article with 5 great tips to help sell your home. Regardless of market conditions these are 5 considerations that all listings should always be practical about. This article will help you understand the effects or difference between the two market types and prepare you to be realistic if you are listing during a buyer’s market. If you have any questions concerning this topic or other real estate questions, please, reach out. We have Woodbury based agents ready to answer your questions and make your life easier.